What is SourceDrop?

SourceDrop is the easiest way to share your snippets. Try it yourself!

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Why do I need SourceDrop?

Have you ever had to send a source snippet via instant messaging or social networks? Using SourceDrop allows you to send snippets without losing indentation or highlighting. Just drop the snippet on the SourceDrop icon and send the created link.

Do you support ...?

At the moment we support TinyPaste, PasteBin.com and GIST, but if you miss your favorite service we would happy to get in contact with you.

Multiple uploads

SourceDrop supports to upload multiple snippets as one paste. Use this feature to share header and implementation files with one link.

Looking for a sample?

Have a look at the sample snippet if you are interested in a demonstration of the possibilities of this service or just try it yourself.

Anytime and anywhere

Uploaded pastes are stored on the servers of the chosen paste bin service and all you need to share is the created link you receive from the app.